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Saturday, August 05, 2006


Bite of the Viper

Last night I played at the famed Viper Room on Sunset in West Hollywood. As my last show, it was nice to play it at such a prestiguous venue. And the show went great, not that there weren't a few hiccups. For starters, I couldn't get my wah pedal - the only and most important guitar effect I use - to work. I changed the battery, checked cables, nothing would bring it back. In the frenzy I cut up my pinky, which bled through the entire show. Finally, my friend noticed the problem: in my sleep deprived state I had put the in cable into the out and vice versa. What a moron says Kim! (peanut gallery)

Fortunately, no one noticed a thing, and our friends who came out had great time. We had our usual crew including Dalit & Atsushi, Jenny & Josh, Laura & Nick, and Maggie and crew. We stayed downstairs after the show and had drinks and listened to bad solo acts cover Tom Petty and play originals in Italian. Bizzaro

Now we are up and getting ready for our bon voyage bonfire. We have lots of stuff to do to pull it off. Hopefully we'll get a spot on the beach. Josh thinks we're gonna have to fight with a Mexican family to get a spot on the beach.

Didn't Jon do a bang up job creating this website? Im so impressed.
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