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Monday, August 07, 2006


Sand in my pants

Last night we threw a bonfire bash at Dockweiller Beach. A great place, save for the airplanes flying overhead (its right next to LAX). There are about three dozen bonfire sites, and we got the last one. It wasn't a bad site, but it had been abused by rowdy folk the night before and we had to painstakingly remove shards of broken glass from the sand to make it safe.

Before the guests arrived Kim & I had a rousing and ear shattering karoake session. Our greatest number was Hungry Like the Wolf. It was pretty cheasy.

Beach Bonfire Video

A slew of guests dropped in on us, including the Elkinson clan (Angela, Liz, Dan, Emery, the italian cousin, Ken, Eddie, and Mark), Frank & Kris, Jenny & Josh, Laura & Nick, and Dalit & Atsushi. We had a nice meal on the beach including hot dogs, bbq chicken, and various salads. We had a great fire - with some pyrotechnic help from Frank - who told me with a frightening degree of seriousness that he has burned many a house down.
We whittled away the night with a marathon game of Catch Phrase. Standing on the edge of the fire as the cold ocean wind swept behind us, we couldn't stop playing. Except for the girls - they had their usual photo shoot (just like they did at the standard). Finally we cleaned up and took off (thx nb,jc,lc for the help) - the last bonfire to depart.
Today we have another party - Polliwog!

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