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Wednesday, August 16, 2006


NY Goodbyes

We leave tonight for Beijing by way of Hong Kong. We'll be staying with Jason Wei and his family - a homestay we found online. He's picking us up at the airport - hopefully everything will go smoothly. We got some good quality time with the family before takeoff, particularly our niece and nephew, Alex and Noah, of which you'll all have to bear through our photos and videos below. We also ate some good NY food we wont see for a long time - bagels and pizza. The next entry will undoubtedly be more interesting than the past few - we're really just practicing for the trip! Love, Kim and Jon

Alex - My nose is here!

I'm such a blog-fanatic so this is all very exciting! And now i actually get to see footage of the bonfire that we had to miss...

Have a great time guys!!
They made it! -- well at least to Honk Kong. can't wait to hear more. be careful.. xoxoxoxo

jen, How, Alex
Hi - Great shots. I love the China comments. Don't forget to order black,fried scorpions. They taste just like chips...yummmmmmm
Hi guys,
Hope you're having fun.

Jon - how can I email you?
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